Various corrugated carton making machines

Specilized Offering Carton Box Packing Solutions for 40 Years

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Whether you’re a box plant, or an end-user looking to create custom boxes in-house, our machinery is state of the art and will cater to your needs.

Giant Offers You Carton Box Making Line

Our Production Line composed by pre-feeder, printing unit, slotting unit, die cutting unit, gluing stitching folding unit, vibrator, auto stacker, etc.

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Count Ejector & Stacking Unit
Gluing & Stitching Unit
Die-cutting Unit
Slotting Unit
Printing Unit
Feeding Unit

Giant Box Making Machine Line Advantages

Customize design your solution by Korea technology.

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Successful Case

An inline machine finished in Mexico, 1200*2400, 4 colors, bottom print & top folder, gluer. The machine assembling completed within 5 days in customer's Mexico factory, and the 6th day is starting carton production.

  • 1st-3rd day

    Mechanical Assembly

  • 4th day

    Electronic Assembly

  • 5th day


  • 6th day

    Starting Production

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80%of Giant machines have exported to oversea market

80% of Giant machines have exported to oversea market, such as America, Mexico, Finland, Spain, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

About Giant

Giant specializes in R&D, manufacture and export of various corrugated carton making machines.

Mr. Lee, the owner of Giant, whom is from Korea...

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Technology is rooting from Korea, and keeping on innovation, ensure Giant grow in strength, and the machines to be the high-quality leading production in the industry.

News & Events

2019.11 11

History of the Cardboard Box

At present, corrugated carton packaging has been more than 100 years and its technology and equipment have been basically mature. The corrugated box is a packaging and transporting carton made of corrugated cardboard. It is an indispensable packaging container, which has the functions of being light, firm and protecting goods, and is convenient for loading and unloading.

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2019.10 19

Product Packaging Benefits of Cardboard Boxes

As a packaged product, thecardboard box is mainly used for sales and display packaging, and the cardboard box is mainly used as a transportation package. In addition to carrying the functions of three-dimensional modeling, the exquisitely designed and generous paper packaging can also have the function of visual information transmission.

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2019.10 09

What Can A Cardboard Box Be Used For?

Cardboard is a heavy-duty paper that has more thickness than the typical paper. It is not so easy to fold because it is hard. This paper has good resistance power. It has several uses due to which it is popular in all countries. The packaging companies are making use of advanced corrugated box making machine to produce cardboard boxes.

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