Various corrugated carton making machines

Full Automatic Felxo Printer Slotter Die-cutter Folder Gluer Stitcher Counter Ejector

Bottom Printing & Top Printing is optional

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Automated Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Folding Gluing

1. Feeder Unit

1.1 Photo

Feeder Unit

2.1 Technical Parameter

Feeding systemLead edge Feeding system
Zero positionAutomatic
Total counterTouch screen display
Machine speedTouch screen display
Sheet clearerSuction bolower & brush for sheet cleaning
Side guide positionMotorized , 0.2kw×2ea, Touch screen display
Front stop positionMotorized , 0.1kw , by jog switch
Back stop positionMotorized , 0.2kw , by jog switch
Feed roll nip controlMotorized , 0.2kw , Touch screen display
Unit open/closeMotorized , 0.4kw , by jog switch
Lower suction blower7.5 kw
Main motorInverter control : 37kw

* detail technical parameter can be provide if need

2. Printer Unit

  2.1 Photo

Printer Unit

  2.2 Technical Parameter

Top printing systemoptional
Bottom printing systemoptional
Vacuum transfer systemoptional
Ceramic anilox rolleroptional
Chamber Doctor bladeoptional
Doctor roller inking systemDiaphragm type ink pump
Register SystemPrinting register is digital controlled by motor and PLC
Easy to control by means of reset "0" system
Zero positionAutomatic
Print cylinder registerMotorized 0.4kw , Touch screen display
Print cylinder side controlMotorized 0.2kw ,  Touch screen display
Impress roll nip controlMotorized 0.2kw , Touch screen display
Pull roll nip controlMotorized 0.2kw , Touch screen display
Anilox roller clearanceMotorized 0.1kw , Touch screen display
Doctor roller clearanceMotorized 0.2kw , Touch screen display
Doctor roller motorGeared 0.4kw
Gear box oil levelAutomatic control (All unit the same)

* detail technical parameter can be provide if need

3. Slotter Unit

  3.1 Photo

Slotter Unit

  3.2 Technical Parameter

Dual slot systemNo need mechanical adjustment for bigger carton height
Zero positionAutomatic
Panel sizeMotorized(0.4kw x 4ea), Touch screen display
Slot depth sizeMotorized(0.4kw), Touch screen display
Box height sizeMotorized(0.4kw), Touch screen display
Cleaser nip controlMotorized , 0.2kw , Touch screen display
Slotter nip controlMotorized , 0.2kw , Touch screen display
Scrap conveyor0.4kw

* detail technical parameter can be provide if need

4. Die-cutter Unit

4.1 Photo

Die-cutter Unit

4.2 Technical Parameter

Zero positionAutomatic
Die roll registerMotorized 0.4kw ,Touch screen display
Die roll side controlMotorized 0.2kw ,Touch screen display
Anvil roll transversal movementAutomatic 70mm
Anvil roll clearanceMotorized 0.4kw ,Touch screen display
Pull roll nip controlMotorized 0.2kw ,Touch screen display
Scrap conveyor0.4kw

* detail technical parameter can be provide if need

5. Gluer / Stitcher Folder & Count Ejector Unit

  5.1 Photo

Gluer / Stitcher Folder and Count Ejector Unit

  5.2 Technical Parameter

Down folding system Optional
Up folding system Optional
Belt transportation system

With guide bar leads the carton box and makes folding mor accurate

Box squaring system
Main motor AC 15kw, inverter control
Side guide positation 0.4kw X 2ea, touch screen display
Glue head position 0.4kw X 1ea, touch screen display
Pusher 0.75kw
Suction blower 2.2kw X 2ea, 1.5kw X 1ea

Bottom stacking system The boxes stack from bottom to top
Suction belt conveyor For the best conveying accuracy
Count ejector system For high speed production
Main motor 7.5kw
Front stop position 0.4kw, touch screen display
Back stop position 0.4kw, touch scereen display
Ejecting line control Touch screen display
Center line control 0.4kw
Suction blower 2.2kw
Belt conveyor 0.75kw

ModelPaper Panel sizeLWABC
GMFGS-0718Max. (mm)1800

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-0818Max. (mm)1800

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-0820Max. (mm)2000

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-0920Max. (mm)2000

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-0924Max. (mm)2400

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-1020Max. (mm)2000

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-1024Max. (mm)2400

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-1220Max. (mm)2000

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-1224Max. (mm)2400

Min. (mm)840

GMFGS-1228Max. (mm)2800

Min. (mm)840