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Turn-key Project

Giant Solutions

Carton Box can be saw in all walks of life, food, beverage, digital electronics, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical product...What process can accurate the printing color register?  What kind of mechanical structure can reduce the scissor difference (scissor mouth)?  How to eliminate glue sticking unsteady problem and stitching uneven problem?  How to achieve the maximum benefit with speed, accuracy and quality boxes?  Giant, specialize in carton machine around 40 years, always provide you the best solution for your carton.

Giant Solution

Factors to consider when selecting equipments

It’s based on the current situation and developing schedule of customer's plant

The product models are as follows

ModelPaper Panel sizeLWABCGluing SpeedStitching Speed
GMFGS-0718Max. (mm)1800700700450900350 sheet/min140 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840250220200420
GMFGS-0818Max. (mm)1800800700450900300 sheet/min140 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840260220200420
GMFGS-0820Max. (mm)20008008005001000280 sheet/min140 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840260220200420
GMFGS-0920Max. (mm)20009008005001000260 sheet/min140 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840260220200420
GMFGS-0924Max. (mm)240090010006001200240 sheet/min140 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840260220200420
GMFGS-1020Max. (mm)200010008005001000220 sheet/min120 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840280220200420
GMFGS-1024Max. (mm)2400100010006001200220 sheet/min120 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840280220200420
GMFGS-1220Max. (mm)200012008005001000220 sheet/min120 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840300220200420
GMFGS-1224Max. (mm)2400120010006001200220 sheet/min120 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840300220200420
GMFGS-1228Max. (mm)2800120012007001400180 sheet/min120 sheet/min - 3 stitches
Min. (mm)840300220200420

Contact Giant team for more models, Contact us ! More

Plant Design Customization

Giant team will negotiate with the customer to clear the machine parameter requirement.  Design concept and draft drawings will offer based on customers' current plant situation and future developing plans.  Detail drawing will provide after customer confirm the draft drawing.

Single part

Machine can be intelligently activated with one button and automatically change order.

Visual operation, easily and safely control the machine via touch screen.


Pre-feeder Machine

Automatic Folder Gluer Stitcher Machine

Feeder Unit

Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Stacker

Printer Unit

Top Printing Bottom Folding

Slotter Unit

Bottom Printing Top Folding

Die Cutter Unit

Cardboard can be conveyed into machine automatically , save labor and increase production efficiency.

Gluer Unit

High-precision lead edge feeding system and multifaceted alignment system, ensure accurate cardboard feeding.

Stacking Unit

Vacuum transfer system ensure printing register more accurate, and avoid the printing precision error caused...

Strapping Machine

The rear production can be equipped with inline automatic strapper, saving labor and improving production efficiency...

Manual for installation, repair, maintenance, Spare parts

1. Installation -- Giant will send team to customer’s plant, assembly, commission and training operators and maintenance staffs on-site.

2. Giant provide lifelong after-sales service for the machines.  Any machine questions or technical supporting needing, the customers can contact Giant.  In case of emergency, Giant team will carry parts and solve problems on-site within 48 hours.

3. Free parts for machine in the warranty period, excluding human damage and wearing parts.  If emergency, Giant will arrange technicians to carry parts to the customer’s plant and solve problem on-site.