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How to Select A Suitable Carton Making Machine

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It's important to have a suitable machine, because once the machine ordered, then it will effect to you long time.

There are a lot of the factors will effect to the machine selection, such as sizes and thicknesses of the boxes which going to produce by the machine. Here wanna sharing some optional items for the carton making machine.

1. Optional Items for Printer Unit

 1.1. Top printing or bottom printing

Giant machine can have both top printing type and bottom printing type, the effect of printing type is not only for printer unit, but also effect for the units after printer unit, such as top printing type will have bottom cutting type die-cutter unit, bottom printing type will have top cutting type die-cutter unit, etc.

For the difference of top printing & bottom printing, please check article link

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 1.2. Optional items for printing quality

  1.2.1. Vacuum transfer system or Roll to roll transfer -- vacuum transfer system have more accurate positioning during cardboard sheet feeding.

  1.2.2. Ceramic anilox roller or Steel ceramic anilox roller -- ceramic anilox roller have higher LPI for anilox roller, so the printing will be more delicate. Also, ceramic anilox roller have tougher surface for better wear-resistance.

  1.2.3. Chamber doctor blade or Doctor roller -- chamber doctor blade will make ink more even and thinner via conveying ink to printing plate.

All the three optional items are for better printing quality. As our experiences, we would like to suggest customer to have vacuum transfer system and ceramic anilox roller for medium printing quality. If want to have higher printing quality, then, we would like suggest to add dryer unit and varnisher unit

If the budget is limited, the priority for optional configuration is

Vacuum transfer system > Ceramic anilox roller > Chamber doctor blade

 1.3. Color Quantity for Printer Unit

The color quantity is totally optional, 1 color, 2 colors, 3 colors, 4 colors, 5 colors, 6 colors or more colors are all workable for Giant machine.

Below is a printing sample that printed by 4 colors, black & yellow & red & blue, which shows at the top left of the picture.

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It's workable for Giant machine to add more printer units when you notice that need more colors printing for future production. Such as, for some reason, you ordered machine with 3 colors, but 2 years later, you need 6 colors printer unit to meet your customers requirement or your market, just feel free to contact Giant to add the addtional colors printer.

2. Optional items for slotter unit

Daul slotting system or Single slotting system

Daul slotting system means have two shaft / roller for slotting knives, as below picture. The advantage is machine can automatic adjust slotting knives to right position based on the box size, which input from machine touch screen. Don't need manual adjust, safety for operator and can realize fast & automatic box order change.

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Daul slotting system is standard version for small size Giant machine and medium size Giant machine. But for big / jumbo size machine, daul slotting system or single slotting system is optional.

3. Optional items for Die-cutter unit

Top cutting means the cutting die is at the top of cardboard sheet,

Top cutting means the cutting die is at the top of cardboard sheet, bottom cutting means the cutting die is at the bottom of cardboard sheet.

If the machine is equipped with printer unit, then, top cutting for bottom printing type, and bottom cutting for top printing type.

If the machine isn't equipped with printer unit, then top cutting and bottom cutting is optional. As our experiences, we would like to suggest top cutting, because of top cutting means the waste scrip can be drop smoother.

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4. Optional items for Folder Gluer Stitcher unit

 4.1. Glue rolling system or Glue spray system

Glue rolling system is easy for daily maintenance, and not easy to damage.

Glue spray system can save glue, but expensive and easy to damage.

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 4.2. With stitcher or Without stitcher

5. Optional items for General Machine

 5.1. With or Without Pre feeder / Table lifter

 5.2. With or Without Printer

 5.3. With or Without Dryer

 5.4. With or Without Varnisher

 5.5. With or Without Slotter

 5.6. With or Without Die-cutter

 5.7. With or Without Folder Gluer

 5.8. With or Without Folder Gluer Stitcher

 5.9. With or Without Strapper

 5.10. With or Without Vibrator

 5.11. With or Without Stacker

 5.12. ......

If still have no idea about the machine selection, then, just send us your expectation to the machine, which kind of boxes (size, style, box pictures) are going to produce by the machine, daily or mothly production capacity, we will assist on the machine selection.

Giant Packaging Machinery company is the manufacturer of carton making machine, such as flexo printing slotting die-cutting & folder gluer, etc.

Giant is a wholly Korean-owned enterprises, factory at Korea & China. 

Giant machines all have national patents and CE certification, already passed audit by BV, SGS. 

Below are a few of machine running videos for your reference.

1. Machine detail function explanation (suggested)

2. Inline machine at Mexico, bottom printing

3. Auotmatic gluer foler machine 

4. Flexo Printing, slotting, die-cutting, stacking.

5. Pre feeder  

6. Machine operation 

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