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Something Need to Know Before Buy A Pre-feeder Machine

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It's better to have Pre-feeder machine connect with Printing machine, because it can save labor cost, increase cardboard feeding efficiency and printing machine production speed.

Giant Pre-feeder machine can connect with both Giant Printing machines and Other brands of printing machines.

When you have had other brand of printing machine, and wanna the printing machine connect with Giant pre-feeder machine, then it will be better to provide some information of your printing machine, so we can check if Giant pre-feeder machine can match your current printing machine well.

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You will need to provide six-point as following.

  1. 1. Dimension for your current printing machine.

  2. 2. The height of the cardboard pusher for yoru printing machine. We need ensure the conveyor of pre-feeder is higher than the cardboard pusher.

3. The height from ground to the lowest points of the printing machine. The reason why need the value is that the rail guides of pre-feeder machine will lay under the printing machine, so we need to check if there is enough space for the rail guides of pre-feeder.

For example, the lowest points of Giant printer machine are standing platform and screw rod for "feeder unit", as below picture shows.

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4. The width between the two rail guides of printing machine, as below picture shows.

We need to check if the rail guides of pre-feeder machine can be placed inside or ourside of your current rail guides.

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5. How is your cardboard convery system?

Different customers have different convey systems, some customers have automatic conveyor, but some customers have no convey system and use fork lifter to convey cardboard pallet to pre-feeder machine.

If use fork lifter to convey cardboard pallet to pre-feeder machine, then the 3pcs yellow forks of pre-feeder will been adjust to suit fork lifter.

If use automatic conveying system, then the height of automatic converying system needs to be same as the height of conveying rollers of pre-feeder machine. So, if you are using this kind automatic conveying system, then please provide the height of autoamtic conveying system.

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The photo is taken at our customer's factory, there is cardboard conveying system at that factory.

6. How to connect pre-feeder machine with printing machine?

Normally, it needs to install sensor of pre-feeder at the printing machine, then the pre-feeder machine can know the cardboard (height) situation of printing machine, and feed cardboards automatically.

For example, we have make a trench and holder for the sensor on the cardboard pushing plate, as below picture shows.

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There is another choice for cardboard feeding, "Table Lifter" machine, espeially for jumbo printing machine.

If your current printing machine size is over 3600mm, then no matter pre-feeder machine or table lifter machine will needs two operators. It means pre-feeder machine needs 2 operators, table lifter machine also needs 2 operators, but table lifter is much lower cost than per-feeder machine. So we would like to suggest "Table Lifter" machine at this situation.

Giant Packaging Machinery company is the manufacturer of carton making machine, such as flexo printing slotting die-cutting & folder gluer, etc.

Giant is a wholly Korean-owned enterprises, factory at Korea & China. 

Giant machines all have national patents and CE certification, already passed audit by BV, SGS. 

Below are a few of machine running videos for your reference.

1. Machine detail function explanation (suggested)

2. Inline machine at Mexico, bottom printing

3. Auotmatic gluer foler machine 

4. Flexo Printing, slotting, die-cutting, stacking.

5. Pre feeder  

6. Machine operation 

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