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Tips on how to choose a Corrugated Box Making Machine Supplier

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Packaging plays a vital role in all industries. Moving goods from one place to another becomes simple and organized with the help of boxes. This is why corrugated box businesses are on the rise. 

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Corrugated boxes are widely accepted and used around the world. To manufacture a perfect set of boxes, the right kind of machinery should be used. And, you have so many machines to choose from. Commonly used machines in the corrugated box industry would be: Face paper machines, board cutters, pressing machines, pasting equipment, sheet cutters, stitching equipment, creasing machines, rotary cutting units, flexo printers, frequency drives and generators. Well, all of these machines are complicated and expensive! That is why you should choose the right suppliers.

A good machine supplier can change your experience in buying and maintaining machines. 

With this being said, here are few tips on how to choose the right machine supplier for your corrugated box business.

Know the Supplier

As you approach a machine supplier, be prepared to ask as many questions as possible. You should be aware of their dealership, team and sales representatives. Remember, buying corrugated box machinery is not a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is an ongoing process that involves several stages like purchase, maintenance, repair and replacement. To experience a smooth workflow, you should be comfortable with the dealer. 

Investigate more about the supplier’s experience, nature and mission. Understanding these factors will help you decide if the supplier would work well with you or not.

Visit them!

It is difficult, or rather impossible to buy corrugated box making machinery without visiting the supplier. That is why you should choose a company that works in your location. Never finalize on a dealership over the internet or telephone. Call them, and drop into their office. These visits will help you understand more about their customer service and reputation.

The Right Products

As mentioned previously, corrugated box manufacturing requires a wide range of machines. It is important to choose a supplier who offers you plenty of options. They must have an interesting product line. Also, they should have reliable brands to choose from. 

Always eliminate suppliers who don’t work with a state of art technology. Don’t opt for suppliers who stick to old, obsolete methods. Instead, choose ones with newer equipment, better features and sound automation capabilities. 

Talk about servicing!

What would you do when your corrugated box making machine stops working? Alas, doesn’t this sound like something you should have discussed on day-one? Yes! Always talk about repair and maintenance with the supplier. Understand more about their service packages. If they don’t offer comprehensive service packages, stay away from them! Servicing (alias maintenance) should be a part of the initial price negotiations. 

Servicing is very important, because a faulty machine can bring your productivity to a stop. And, when production stop, you will not see any profit from your corrugated box business. 

Always negotiate, confirm and document the supplier’s service options for the machines.