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A Beginners Guide to Corrugated Box Styles

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Every business needs the right kind of boxes for packaging. This is a major reason behind the rise and fame of corrugated box businesses. 

Many people think that boxes are made of mere cardboard, and not much science goes behind them. Well, reality is quite different. Corrugated box businesses are expected to manufacture boxes of different shapes and sizes. The boxes are customized for the product. Consequently, picking the right box for your products is easy said than done. 

In this article, you will read about corrugated box styles. Every style comes with a unique set of properties. These properties will help you pick the right box for your need!

The Regular Slotted Containers alias RSC

The regular slotted containers are commonly used in the carton industry. Some consider this as the industry’s workhorse. These are standard boxes that come in a dozen materials and sizes. You will find a great combination of sizes and materials to choose from. The regular slotted containers are manufactured from a single piece of raw board called the “blank”. The board is flattened and neatly folded. These containers are shipped flat with easy fold lines. You should follow these lines to form the box. Fold along the lines, keep your goods inside, seal with tape and deliver!

The Half Slotted Containers alias HSC

The half slotted containers and regular slotted containers are quite similar. What makes them different would be the flaps. The half slotted containers don’t have flaps for covering the box. They are sold with separate lids that can be placed over the top. These are ideal for reusable storage. Most of the time, half slotted containers are used to store letters and legal documents. These boxes are also known as “Bankers boxes”. 

Full Overlay Slotted Container alias FOL

As suggested by its name, full overlay slotted containers have outer flaps that fully/partially overlap on folding. The overlaps offer additional support to the box. These boxes prove to be useful when heavier loads need to be transported. The bottom will not break or leak! 

Overlap slotted containers have improved integrity. The boxes have a greater length than width. And, these boxes should be sealed with staples and not packaging tape. 

The Snap Lock Boxes alias Quick setup boxes

The snap lock boxes are also known as 1-2-3 bottom boxes. These boxes have a unique dye cut in the bottom flaps. The flaps lock together easily. This makes setting up of the snap lock box easy. Also, you don’t need any staples or packing tape to close the box. 

Snap lock boxes can be assembled very quickly. They are sold with manual packaging guides that make setting up easier and faster. 

The Telescope Boxes

The telescope boxes are designed with two separate parts. You will find a top piece and a bottom piece. The top piece slides easily on the bottom piece. In simpler terms, this is a box with a lid. 

Telescope boxes come in various sizes and types. For instance, you have full telescope boxes with lids that are 2/3 longer than the bottom box.