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How to Start a Successful Corrugated Box Business?

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Are you planning to kick start a corrugated box business? If yes, this article will be of great use to you! You will gather details about everything important, starting from legal permissions to machinery. 

In the past few years, corrugated box businesses have become a big hit. It is a profitable business that is gaining fame due to the advent of numerous e-commerce ventures. 

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Corrugated boxes are required by manufacturers and sellers. It offers a packaging solution. Thus, box businesses are expected to produce a variety of boxes in several sizes and shapes. The corrugated box business doesn’t require educational qualifications. Adequate networking abilities, investment and planning is sufficient to kick start a successful business. Above all, this is a business-2-business venture, which means you are bound to receive plenty of orders. 

Understanding the Scope of a Corrugated Box Business

In general, the corrugated box business has massive potential. Almost all industries are looking for cardboard boxes. As mentioned previously, the e-commerce industry has increased the demand for cardboard boxes. E-commerce sellers are identified as the biggest and most promising buyers of the boxes. In the next few decades, the number of e-commerce sellers is bound to increase, which in return promises a great future for corrugated box businesses. Major businesses that rely on boxes would be: textile, footwear, automobile parts, beverages, food, ceramics, electronic produces, tobacco, industrial components, chemicals and cosmetics. (Of course, the list doesn’t stop here!)

First things first: Licenses and Permissions

To start a corrugated box business, you must clear several regulations. From pollution control, to trade licensures to insurance to permits, you must take care of all these factors. 

The box business should be licensed. The business should be registered as a limited liability firm. Also, you should handpick a name that best suits your venture. It should focus on the firm’s core values and mission. Before you approach the legalities, learn more about your region’s manufacturing regulations. You should have thorough knowledge about the region’s Air Pollution Prevention & Control Act, food regulations and standards. The regulations play a vital role if you are manufacturing boxes for food items. 

Identifying a suitable location

Next, you must handpick the right location for your corrugated box business. If you are planning on small scale production, you need to find a covered spot that is at least two thousand square feet big. Once the location is identified, you should handpick the right kind of machinery. The type of machinery you need depends on the type of boxes you make. Commonly used machines to make corrugated boxes are board- cutters, stitching units, sheet cutters, face paper corrugation systems, generators, frequency drives, creasing machines and pasting equipment. 

Buying raw materials

Moving on, you should pick the raw materials for your boxes. Raw materials should be chosen with great care. Ensure that the materials are of good quality. Commonly used raw materials would be inks, glue, kraft paper, wax, paraffin water, corn startch and stitching wires.