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Single or Double Wall Boxes - Which-One is Right?

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Selecting the right type of boxes for the packaging of your products is important. There are diverse options from which you can pick the suitable one. The prices of these boxes depend on their features. You may pick the boxes that are lowest in price, yet they may not have suitable features. Many companies are providing low-quality boxes at low rates. If you choose these low-quality boxes, then they might damage your products while delivery. In case you want to save yourself from frustration, then you have to make the right choice. 

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Nowadays, the packaging companies are utilizing the advanced corrugated box making machine technology. With this advanced technology, they are capable of producing top-quality corrugated boxes in numbers. 

In the past few decades, the corrugated box making machine has been changed a lot. The new devices are installed in it due to which the machine works efficiently. In addition, this machine can perform all the tasks automatically. It does not require labors. In this approach, the companies are able to save labor costs.  

Corrugated wall boxes are becoming popular nowadays. These boxes are readily available in two types, which include single and double wall boxes. Each of these wall boxes has specific advantages. You can use them for different applications. Both these boxes are made up from a corrugated paper sheet. However, the inner and outer layers might be made up of Kraft paper. The 5-layers corrugated paper box making machine is used to produce both these boxes. This machine cannot just provide 5-layers wall boxes but 1, 2, 3, and 4 layers boxes too. The companies can adjust this carton box equipment according to their needs.

Single Wall Boxes

Single wall boxes are planned and created with the help of one layer of a fluted paper sheet. These boxes are commonly utilized by the e-commerce industry for the delivery of the products. They are readily accessible at a reasonable price. These boxes offer cushioned safety. When it comes to rigidity, then they are quite impressive. 

Double Wall Boxes

These boxes are planned and designed with the help of 2 layers of a corrugated fluted paper sheet. The layers of diverse sizes are combined to make these boxes. Double-wall boxes are strong, durable, and sturdy. They are perfect for the delivery of heavy and delicate products. 

Which Box Is Right for You?

Both single and double-wall boxes are great enough. If you have a low budget, few items to deliver, and the items are lightweight; then you can make use of the single wall boxes. They will fulfill all these needs perfectly. However, in case you have to deliver heavyweight items either in a few or large numbers, then you have to use the double wall boxes. The price of these boxes is a bit high from the single wall boxes. Therefore, you need to set a good budget for these boxes.

Furthermore, the shape of the products also matters. For the items that have indefinite shapes, you need to make use of the custom wall boxes. Otherwise, the standard wall boxes will work for you in the best manner.