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How to Find the Right Size Box?

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Whether you are going to start an e-commerce store or opening a grocery store, you have to find the right size box. At present, packaging companies are offering boxes of diverse sizes and shapes. They are making use of corrugated box making machine technology to make the packaging boxes durable and long-lasting.

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Many people do not know the ways to find the right size box for their online or offline stores. There is nothing to worry about if you are one of them. We are going to explain to you the points through which it will be easy for you to choose the perfect boxes.

  • Dimensions And Weight 

First of all, you need to comprehend the shapes, sizes, and weight of your products. Many products like perfumes, shampoos, and others do not have a definite shape. The right size box for these types of products is the one that can cover up the product from top to bottom. Otherwise, you can measure the dimensions of the product and then get a box according to it.

The weight of the product also matters a lot. The corrugated box making machine creates corrugated boxes with diverse thicknesses. For the lightweight products, the right size box will be the one that has low thickness. However, for the heavyweight products, you have to get the box that has maximum thickness.

  • Standard And Custom Boxes

The packaging companies are providing standard and custom boxes. The standard boxes are perfect for the products that have a definite shape. Nonetheless, custom boxes are used for the items that have indefinite shape.

  • Suitability Of Product

Each product has its own suitability level. Every product demands a different type of packaging. For instance, the fragile items like decoration pieces require boxes in which you can install protective padding. In case you want to package the books or shirts, then a simple box without padding will work for you. Therefore, you have to keep in mind the suitability of your item.

Why The Dimensions Of Box Is Important?

The dimensions of the box are of great importance. The internal and external measurements should meet the standards to protect the products. Nevertheless, the companies focus on the width and height of the boxes. They produce corrugated boxes with standard dimensions of 380 x 250 x 130mm. Here, 380mm is the interior measurement, the inner width is the 250mm, and the 130mm is the height. 

Where To Get Right Size Box?

If you are finding the right sized box for any of your products, then you can visit the packaging companies. Or else, you can get to know the best online box companies. The modern companies are making use of the 5-layers corrugated paper box making machine to produce these boxes. 

You just have to tell them about your product, and they will ask you for some details. After that, they will provide you the right size box in a short period. However, you have to connect with those companies that have a good reputation in the market.