Various corrugated carton making machines

Process Flow Chart For Box Factory & Carton Machines

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With the development of the society, the demand for carton packaging is also increasing, it is obvious that box packing is a profitable business.

But for those who have never been involved in the packaging industry, it is not easy to get into the carton packaging industry or set up a box factory. How big the

How to select suitable machines from different machine styles and models? How many people are needed in the factory? How many boxes can be produced per day? How to carry out daily maintenance of machines, etc. All are not easy questions, the frist step is difficult for investors.

Below are the process flow charts for the box factory and machines. You should will know more about the carton packaging business after reading.

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Giant Packaging Machinery company is the manufacturer of carton making machine, such as flexo printing slotting die-cutting & folder gluer, etc.

Giant is a wholly Korean-owned enterprises, factory at Korea & China. 

Giant machines all have national patents and CE certification, already passed audit by BV, SGS. 

Below are a few of machine running videos for your reference.

1. Machine detail function explanation (suggested)

2. Inline machine at Mexico, bottom printing

3. Auotmatic gluer foler machine 

4. Flexo Printing, slotting, die-cutting, stacking.

5. Pre feeder  

6. Machine operation 

7. Korean factory design

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