Various corrugated carton making machines

How to extend the machine service life?

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As we all knew, it's not a small investment for carton machine, investment means want returns. If have suitable maintenance then the machine service life can be longer and can help you have more returns, right :)) ?


Below are some machine maintenance suggestions for daily, weekly and monthly.


1.Daily maintenance -- check machine gear oil before running the machine

There should be oils on the gears, as Picture 1; if there isn't oil on gears, then check if the oil level is below than the red line of oil winder. If the oil level below than the red line, then add oil, if the oil level is above than red line, then please check whether oil pump (as picture 3) working well.

2.Daily maintenance -- Press the oil handle of the feeder unit before running the machine, press direction is forward and backward, as picture 4. This press action is to add oil to the gearbox (as picture 5) of the feeder unit.

3.Daily maintenance -- Before going off duty, open the doctor roller via the buttons on printer unit to avoid the long time pressing, as picture 6.

4.Daily maintenance -- Before going off duty, clean the dust of the whole machine, clean the printing rollers, clean the slotting knives, clean the guide rail, and make sure no loose tools are placed on top of machine, no screws or small objects falling into anilox roll. Clean all the gears, screw rods, shafts of the machine after each carton order finish, as picture 7.


5.Weekly maintenance -- Add lubricating oil for the oil-nipples on the machine, as picture 8.


6. Monthly maintenance -- Check for feeder rubber roll unusual wear, doctor roll unusual wear, and feeder rubber wheel wear. Check bearings noise, and replace bearing if necessary.


7. Every 6 months maintenance -- change the gear oil of feeder unit gearbox every 2000 hours or 6 months, as picture 9


Giant Packaging Machinery company is the manufacturer of carton making machine, such as flexo printing slotting die-cutting & folder gluer, etc.Giant is a wholly Korean-owned enterprises, factory at Korea & China. 

Giant machines all have national patents and CE certification, already passed audit by BV, SGSBelow are a few of machine running videos for your reference.

Below are a few of machine running videos for your reference.

1. Machine detail function explanation (suggested)

2. Inline machine at Mexico, bottom printing

3. Auotmatic gluer foler machine 

4. Flexo Printing, slotting, die-cutting, stacking.

5. Pre feeder  

6. Machine operation