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How to Start Carton Box Business?

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The carton boxes can be manufactured in various ways, either manually, or with the use of highly technological processes, as seen in the use of the corrugated box making machine. The important thing is that the final result is a high quality carton box.

The market will always be promising for the carton box manufacturing industry. This is due to the fact that different business segments need boxes for the development of their routine activities. For example, in the packaging of finished goods. 

In addition, it is a sustainable product, since it can be produced from recycled materials and soon after performing its function, the boxes are reused by craftsmen or reused for different purposes. All these characteristics make the product highly sustainable.

Consequently, there has been lots of developments in the carton box industry, for example, in the design of equipment for increased production efficiency. One good example is the introduction of the corrugated box making machine technology

However, when looking to start a carton box manufacturing business, there are important factors to consider. 

Let's look at them thus;

Cost of setting up the carton box factory

Cost management is essential for cardboard boxes, they can control their expenses and achieve greater profitability for optimal management and cost reduction.

The first step to profitable management is the determination of total costs, separating them as direct and indirect costs. 

After all the budgeted direct and indirect costs, and after the correct placement of the spreadsheets, there should be a regular review and analysis of the costs and with the help of graphs that analyze costs can be reduced.

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Machines for carton box manufacturing 

The machines used for the factory include a the carton box making machine such as the corrugated box making machine, the flat and rotary cutting and folding, multiple saw, flexographic printer that may or may not rotate, resin setter and more. 

Business strategy

This involves the strategic planning of resources, location, capacity, choice of suppliers, customers, products and others.

For the strategic analysis, the cardboard boxes factory must carry out:

The analysis of the internal and external opportunities of the industry and the external environment and the existing resources in the cardboard box factory.

Structure of the factory 

The factory must have a storage shed for materials, industrial plants and other sizeable equipment such as the 5 layers corrugated paper box making machine.

Also, there should be offices, apartments and meeting rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, changing rooms and other conveniences to ensure the welfare of all levels of workers.

Location of the carton box factory 

Location is a strategic factor not only for retailers, but also for industrial companies.

To choose a strategic location, ideal for the cardboard box factory that will be located near the raw materials or the next strategic suppliers. It is also for a paper box making machine manufacturer to locate the factory where labor is abundant. 

Production design of carton box factory

The design of the carton box production factory is one of the most important factors for the industrial companies, as well as a design of a strategy for increased production efficiency.

It is important to seek information and professional help in production arrangements, knowing that the design procedure is long-term and consists of productivity and product quality. This will help you to avoid unnecessary stress and provide a better environment at work.