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How is the Carton Box be made?

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Carton boxes are used across the globe for diverse reasons. These boxes are durable and tough. The high-quality carton boxes can bear different weather conditions. Moreover, they do not get affected by dirt, dust, and shock. Due to this reason, different companies use them for shipping delicate items.

How Is The Carton Box Be Made?

The carton boxes are made with the help of carton box making machine. There was a time when semi-automatic machines were used in the companies to create these boxes. However, everything is changed now. At present, the manufacturers are offering fully automatic box making machines. These machines have many advanced features like auto turn OFF and On, LED, PLC system, and so forth. At the moment, we are going to tell you how these boxes are made.

• First of all, the workers collect several Kraft paper rolls for corrugating. These rolls are available in diverse sizes. The commonly used sizes range from 60 to 90 inches wide. The weight of 90 inches wide roll can go up to 3000 KG while the weight of 60 inches wide roll can be around 1500-2000 KG.

• On the plant side, the workers separate the Kraft papers according to their levels. The high-level Kraft papers are used for the liner while the other is used for the medium. It is easy to form the corrugated cardboard by combining both of these papers.

• When these papers are ready, then the workers insert them into the carton box manufacturing machine. One medium roll is loaded to run through the liner rolls. This machine combines both these papers and transforms them into corrugated cardboard. For the huge production, extra rolls are loaded into the automatic splicers. The sensitive detectors of this machine check the paper rolls feeding. When the roll gets empty, then the control system of this machine starts the splicer and taken the paper from the new roll. Due to this reason, the production continuously goes on at high speed.

carton box making machine

• After preparing the corrugated cardboard, the slitter of this carton box manufacturing machine cuts down big sheets of this cardboard. These sheets are known as the box blanks.

• These blanks enter into the stacker where they are correctly processed.

• The stacker puts on the printing dies and patterns on these big blanks with the help of glue. The patterns and dies load onto the huge rollers in the machine. When the blanks move through the rollers, then the machine places the patterns and dies on them.

• At the time when these blanks become printed and labeled, then they are passed to the printer-folder glue section. In this section, these blanks are cut down into particular dimensions, and then they are folded and glued to make a carton box.

• The carton box making machine stack these finished boxes and wrap them up for delivery.  

Final Word

From the above method, it would be easy for you to understand the making of carton box. However, each carton box manufacturing machine has its features. Most of these machines work on the same principle. The automatic machines are a bit costly, yet their features are exceptional.