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What Is The Difference Between Carton Box and Corrugated Box?

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Different paper packaging materials are readily available in the markets. Many companies are making use of these materials to create boxes. The packaging boxes are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Different industries can pick the ones that are suitable for their products. However, the most common types of packaging boxes are carton boxes and corrugated boxes. Both these boxes are used around the world. They are used to wrap up small, big, heavy and lightweight items. They are used for transportation and shipping.

What is the difference between the carton box and corrugated box?

When you want a packaging box for your product then it is imperative for you to focus on the packaging material. Whether you want to wrap up a heavy or lightweight item, it does not matter; you can opt for either carton or corrugated box. Some of you might wonder “What is the difference between these two boxes?” Well, we are going to explain the difference in detail.

Carton Box

The carton box is a square-shaped box. It is made up of cardboard material. Cardboard is one of the best packaging materials. It is a thick paper stock or you can also refer it as a heavy-duty paper-pulp. Cardboard is also used for food and beverage boxes. The carton boxes are mostly available in big sizes. Due to this reason, they are used for shipment reasons. The food and beverage companies put a number of items in one carton box. These boxes are durable and sturdy. They do not break away so easily. However, corrugated carton box also includes cardboard material but it is essential to know that these materials are not the same at all.

Corrugated Box

The corrugated material has three paper layers which incorporate outside liner, inside liner and fluting. The fluting is present between the other two layers. This packaging material maximizes the packaging process due to the reasons mentioned below:

•   Hard-wearing

•   Lightweight

•   Protection and safety of the product

•   Eco-friendly

•   Cost-efficiency

The corrugated box is the one that has been entirely made up of corrugated material. It is available in diverse dimensions. The weight of these boxes is lighter than cardboard carton box. Furthermore, the durability and performance level of these boxes is better than the typical carton boxes. The corrugated boxes are shock-resistant. So, they protect the products to the maximum.

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The companies who want to send their items abroad usually prefer these boxes. If you also want to send your items abroad safely then you have to search out for the best suppliers. When we talk about recycling then these boxes are easy to recycle. You can recycle them a number of times as they won’t get affected by harsh conditions.

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If you want to start making corrugated boxes then you have to get a corrugated box machine. This machine is available in diverse designs. You have to get it from the famous corrugated box manufacturing machine suppliers.

Final Words

Companies are using carton boxes for decades. With the passage of time, the packaging companies have started using latest machines. One of these machines is an automatic corrugated box machine. With time, the demand for corrugated boxes is increasing. For that reason, the companies need to use this automatic machine to produce corrugated boxes in numbers.