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What Are Standard Box Sizes?

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Boxes are used all over the globe for packaging, shipping, and distribution. They are available in diverse materials and sizes. From the starting till today, the demand for boxes is continuously on the rise. Due to this reason, each paper box making machine manufacturer is offering both standard and custom boxes.


What are the standard box sizes?

The standard boxes are available in square and rectangular shapes. These boxes are readily accessible in typical sizes. Each paper box making machine manufacturer provides the standard boxes in these particular dimensions. We are going to explain these standard box sizes in detail.

Cardboard Boxes

The cardboard boxes are the most commonly used packaging boxes. Many companies are offering these boxes in custom designs and dimensions with the help of corrugated box making machine technology. Still, the packaging and shipping industries are making use of the standard cardboard boxes. The standard sizes for these cardboard boxes are as follows:

•    16x16x16 inches

•    12x12x12 inches

•    24x24x24 inches

•    18x18x18 inches

•    22x22x22 inches

File Boxes

The file boxes are available in paper and cardboard materials. They are used for the bundling of letters, personal records, folders, and business files. The standard size of these boxes is 15x12x10 inches.

Book Boxes

The book boxes are entirely made up of hard paper material. Many companies offer them. These boxes are small in size, although they can handle heavyweight items like a bundle of books and power tools. The typical size of these boxes is 16x12x12 inches.

Gadgets Boxes

These boxes are accessible in cardboard material. They are medium size boxes that are used to wrap up different electronics gadgets. However, many companies are using these boxes for the bundling of outdoor tools and tiny kitchen appliances. The standard size of these boxes is 18x18x16 inches.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

The corrugated cardboard boxes are made up of the combination of two materials. These boxes are the toughest ones. They are large in size. The typical size is 18x18x24 inches. They are used for the bundling and shipment of lamp shades, clothes, toys, and electronic appliances.

Lamp Boxes

These boxes are made up of simple cardboard material. They are used to carry small and oddly designed products which incorporate sports machine, lamps, telescope, and so forth. The standard size of these boxes is 12x12x40 inches.

Extra Large Boxes

These boxes are available in corrugated material. They are used for the packaging and delivery of blankets, rugs, and big carpets. By using corrugated box making machine technology, the companies are producing these boxes in numbers. The standard size of these packaging boxes is 24x18x24 inches.


Final Words

Different types of boxes are available in a standard size. The demand for these standard boxes is increasing in the e-commerce industry. The product manufacturers are making the most of these standard boxes. However, some product manufacturers are providing oddly shaped products for which they require boxes with custom dimensions. It is not a problem at all. They have to provide details to the box companies to get the custom boxes suitable for their products.