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What is Production Process of Corrugated Box Making Machine?

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Do you know the production process of corrugated box making machine? If you don't understand, you can browse our content carefully. GIANT Packaging Machinery will give you a brief introduction to the process of corrugated box making machine in the following content.

 corrugated box making machine

1 . Corrugated board line: The reel base paper is pressed and corrugated, glued, bonded and shaped, separated by paper, cross-cut into gauge paperboard, and finally processed by stacking and other processes.


2 .Cutting line: When the output product is a large piece, it needs to be cut by the corrugated box maker line or cut and pressed to carry out the next process. Slicing is to cut the cardboard into the width of the booked size, or to simultaneously produce the pressed line of the desired size. The machine used is a slitting and crimping machine.


3 .Printing slotted paperboard: After passing through the corrugated carton box making machine line, it usually needs to be printed or printed slotted or printed die-cut. Below we introduce it in several aspects. Before printing cardboard, we must first prepare drawings, offsets, wooden molds, etc. Artwork production and validation are primarily for the appearance of the carton. Definition of printing: The process of transferring the graphic information on the original to the substrate using a printing plate or other means. Slotting: Slotting is a line-pressing groove that pushes the board out of the carton height line (perpendicular to the line line) and cuts out the straight line slot. 02 type of corrugated carton blanks are cut out according to a certain length and width, so that the corrugated box has a special corrugated box manufacturing unit for opening and closing functions.


4 .Die-cut: After the paper is cut and crimped, it needs die-cut products.It needs to be die-cut to form. The die cutting mainly completes the cutting and indentation, and the cutting is performed to peel off the blank from the cardboard sheet or the web, and the indentation is to enable the folding to be assembled into the correct box type. The die-cut version has three forms: flat flat, round flat and round pressed. In the early stage of the construction of the carton, the production technician needs to select the appropriate die-cut version according to the product size, characteristics, post-production demand, customer requirements, etc.


That is the content of the cardboard box making equipment production process compiled by GIANT Packaging Machinery. Thank you for reading our article and welcome to consult our products.