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Automatic Stitching Machine for Corrugated Boxes Working Principle

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Automatic stitching machine for corrugated boxes has found application in the industrial sector. It plays an imperative role in the manufacturing of these boxes. The corrugated box is light in weight and durable. The corrugated sheets are stitched properly with the help of this machine. There was a time when the labors used to either glue the corrugated sheets or stitch them by hand. Now, the companies are making use of this Automatic stitching machine which can eliminate the labor cost.

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The working principle of the Automatic stitching machine differs from the other machines used in the packaging process. Different parts of this machine work in a unique manner. We have mentioned the parts:


1.    Folding Part


The first part is the folding one. The conveyor belt is linked with the suction system which ensures the conveying accurateness. It could easily adjust the tension of these conveying belts with the help of the tension roller. However, it is simple to adjust it in diverse ways. There is a folding belt system which does the folding smoothly. After that, the guide bar will lead this box to the correction brush which will make the folding accurate.


2.    Stitching System


There is a stitching system where the thread is adopted by the rollers. It automatically adjusts the corrugated sheets to their proper positions through the touch screen. This stitching system monitors the length of the box with fast speed. When the sheets form a box, then the sides are stitched properly.


3.    Correction Part


In the correction part, the corrugated boxes are adjusted appropriately. The pressing device puts pressure on these boxes along with the strong blow. The sensor is also present in this section which controls the stack height of the corrugated boxes. When there is an unsmooth ejecting of the box, then corrugated box making machine automatically stops at that point. Due to this reason, manufacturers can easily know which box is having an issue.


4.    Transfer Belt


After correction, it places the boxes on the transfer belt. There is a definite space between each box. The machine then takes these boxes to the counter sensor with the help of the transfer belt. This counter sensor rechecks the boxes.


5.    Counter Ejector


With the help of the touch screen, it could easily adjust the number of ejected corrugated boxes. After that, the bottom stacking system works on the bottom of the boxes. They make the base strong and smooth. To speed up the production process, the Automatic stitching machine has a special separate device. It mechanically adjusts the boxes on the conveyor belts. After that, the boxes are ready to use.


Last Word


After knowing the working principle of this cardboard box making equipment, you can come to know that it is economical and useful. At each part, there is a device that speeds up the production. Because of this reason, many boxes can get ready in a short period. You need no labors to manage this machine because it controls everything with the touch screen.