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Product Packaging Benefits of Cardboard Boxes

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Paper (board) is used as a basic material, and a packaged product, that is, a paper package, is prepared for the purpose of packaging and wrapping goods. Among many packaging materials, paper packaging is a long-established, wide-ranging, largest-volume, fastest-renovating, and best-performing packaging, and it occupies a considerable proportion, including cardboard boxs, paper bags, paper cans, paper cups (discs, dishes, barrels), etc. the most important paper packaging is naturally cardboard box. 

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As a packaged product, thecardboard box is mainly used for sales and display packaging, and the cardboard box is mainly used as a transportation package. In addition to carrying the functions of three-dimensional modeling, the exquisitely designed and generous paper packaging can also have the function of visual information transmission.


The corrugated box has the characteristics of wide range of raw materials, various varieties and specifications, low cost and convenient processing, low production cost, light weight and can be mixed with other materials. At the same time, it is convenient for mass printing and mechanized processing, and the quality of finished products is stable. The specifications are consistent, recyclable and recyclable. The finished product has good dust tightness, appearance stiffness and certain external compressive strength, which can effectively protect the interior goods.


Six advantages of cardboard box packaging

1. Cardboard box packaging is convenient for mechanized production and packing and sealing flow, high production efficiency and easy to standardize packaging;

2. Light weight, easy to handle loading and unloading, can avoid or reduce throwing during loading and unloading, thus reducing the breakage rate;

3.  The use of cardboard box packaging and circulation costs is low, the same inner diameter of three-layer corrugated boxes is only 1/3 of the price of wooden crates, and can save about 20% of freight; and a wooden box of goods into two cardboard boxs, also Can save freight by more than 10%;

4. It is clean and firm, can be tightly sealed, and has a good dustproof and moisture-proof performance when it is covered with plastic lining, so it can effectively protect the safety of goods;

5. The cardboard box is easy to fold and lay flat, saves the storage capacity when stored, is easy to carry, and is easier to handle or recycle than the wooden box after use;

6. It is easy to leave the goods in the box from being stolen, so it can effectively prevent theft of goods. When the insurance is insured and theft and the goods are not in danger, the insurance company will accept it.


Cardboard box as a part of modern logistics is not short, bears the important responsibility of housing, maintenance of goods, and beautiful, the physical performance indicators of packaging cardboard box become the basis for its quality evaluation. The stable working environment conditions ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test data. Cardboard box can be recycled to save money. Cardboard box can be made into a variety of styles, no matter the size, there are large fruit boxes, there are also small and exquisite small jewelry boxes, you can see the shadow of the cardboard box, many shopping malls now, including clothing stores, also use paper Quality packaging is conducive to environmental protection.